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Earn Money

Artists will receive a royalty every time their audio is downloaded! The more audio you submit, the more money you can earn!


When a user downloads your audio, they will be prompted with other platforms

Our Mission

We started AudioGrab in July of 2017 to provide a service for artist's to earn royalty's off their free download and allow users to easily obtain music to use in their creative works. Since then we have surpassed.

13,000+ Users

60,000+ Songs

500,000+ Monthly Visits

Earn revenue while still giving away free downloads to your fans, everybody wins! Great website for upcoming producers to get that small extra in your pocket.



I only recently got introduced to AudioGrab but it is a no brainier for producers who provide free download on their music. Not only does it give you great insight into your analytics and how your Audio is performing it also allows you a way to make money from giving your music away. Really easy to use and simple interface and I would recommend it to any producer out there.



I've recently joined AudioGrab, with the goal of being able to get recognized for my work. So far my experience with AudioGrab has been a great one, with its easy to use interface, and discovery tools. AudioGrab gives you the tools you need to reach your dreams, while making it easy to use. AudioGrab is great, allowing artist big and small to gain an audience while making it easy to get paid for your hard work. Thank you AudioGrab for providing this service! I hope you continue to grow and allow others to reach an audience. Thank You!

Just Plvnes


AudioGrab has been nothing but good for us. Their service works perfect, their payments are always on time, and most importantly they have given us a platform for our viewers to download our songs completely for free... We highly recommend AudioGrab

YouTubers Music


I've been always looking for a good hosting site to upload my tracks with an easy download access for my listeners, and recently I've came across AudioGrab. It is a perfect platform for hosting your songs. Not only does it allow you to host your tracks, but it also gives you an opportunity to earn money from the amount of downloads you get. Which is in my opinion very handy for an upcoming music producers. Absolutely happy and recommending AudioGrab to every music producer out there!



What we Offer!

Just some of what we have to offer!

Audio Editor

Audio Editor

Add meta tags when uploading your audio files to provide proper file descriptions. Meta tags provide information in the download files that include title, artist, genre, etc.



Understand how your audio is performing with real-time statistics.

Social media all in one spot

Social media

We give you the option to link other social media platforms that you are streaming or selling your audio on. Users will be presented with these other options upon downloading!