Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make royalty off my audio?

You earn royalty each time someone downloads your audio. So the more you share your audio, the more you can earn!



How and when do I get paid?

Once you reach the threshold of $5.00 you will be paid out at the end of the current month via PayPal. You can see the exact date in which you will be paid on your dashboard.



Is AudioGrab free to use?

AudioGrab is completely free to use and does not offer any paid subscriptions.



How do I get featured on the homepage?

AudioGrab features audio based on performance. The best way to get featured is to share your audio with your supporters.



Does AudioGrab support Collaborations?

AudioGrab supports up to 1 collaboration. To link a featuring artist, type in their name in the “artist” section when uploading. Doing this will link the featuring artist’s social media to your upload.



How do I promote my audio?

The best way to promote your audio is to share the unique link that is generated for your audio.



What type of social media does AudioGrab support?

AudioGrab supports YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.



Is AudioGrab Mobile Friendly?

AudioGrab is designed to support desktop to the smallest mobile devices.



Can I add cover images to my audio?

You can add cover images upon upload or on the audios download page.



Can I edit my audio after uploading?

You can edit all information of your audio directly on the download page for that audio.



Is your question not here?

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