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YouTube Channel Ideas for BeginnersDid you know that on YouTube, a single minute is equal to 300 hours? You may think that is a bit twisted. Right! Because it is. You should know that every minute a whopping 300 hours worth of content, such as music videos and unboxing videos, is uploaded on YouTube. This means a great opportunity to monetize your content.

Anyone looking for excellent YouTube channel ideas intends to make a profitable career out of being a YouTube content producer or creator. This is because being a YouTuber is not merely a hobby or pastime these days. It is a powerhouse career that cannot only earn you a basic living but get you all the fame and riches that you may never achieve by working a standard 9 to 5 job.

However, there is no doubt that running a YouTube channel can be a demanding and tough job unless you are genuinely passionate and committed to what you are doing. So, one of the important things to be a successful and profitable YouTuber is to be passionate about the topics or ideas you are covering and choose topics, such as gadget reviews, that align with the interests of the YouTube community.

This means that you should work to find your niche. It is advisable to focus on a narrow theme and cover all its aspects. But what are the best YouTube channel ideas for beginners?

A Quick Look at Some Stats

Statista revealed that YouTube has about 2.3 billion users (as of 2021), and the platform is reported to be the second most popular social network in the world after Facebook. Also, keep in mind that YouTube makes up 33% of the internet today.

Did you know that YouTube reaches about one billion hours of video views each day? This is important as it grants the platform a much wider audience reach than other video streaming platforms. The company has also reported that it has managed to reach more mobile users in the U.S. than any other TV network.

Popular YouTube Channel Ideas for Beginners

It is helpful that YouTube Creator's academy has provided us with several trending niches. These include Entertainment, Food, Games, Beauty and Fashion, Science and Tech, Sports, Music, and Travel. As we would like the best start to your YouTube career, it is vital to have a type of channel that you‘ll love to host. So, let's take a look at the popular ideas for a YouTube channel.

#1 Music

Many people say that music is fodder for the soul. On the other hand, for others, it is a way to get and stay motivated. Musicians, singers, and anyone who is even remotely related to the music niche can create and share music videos and songs on YouTube.

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If you are an aspiring lead singer or guitarist, you can upload your videos and songs while playing an instrument or singing. You can also upload tutorials, song covers, and teasers to keep your audience engaged. However, if you are using a song in your video, you must ensure that it is not copyrighted.

So, how do you know if a specific song or movie music, such as Cyber Punk Scifi, is subject to copyright law and regulations? There are some simple ways to discover if a song you plan to use is copyrighted. And if you've a knack for making impressive and memorable covers of songs, you are also likely to have a good chance of getting noticed on YouTube.

Singing tutorials is another way to get noticed. If you are an established singer or vocal coach, you can help people learn music and improve their vocal abilities by uploading tutorial videos.

#2 Gaming Channels

Gaming channels, including gaming walkthroughs, have been around since long ago. So, it is not surprising that one of the most subscribed and popular YouTube channels run by an individual is also a gaming channel. Yes, we are talking about PewDiePie as it is one of the top YouTube channels with more than 60 million subscribers.

Regardless of the game you choose, the higher the level, the trickier and more challenging it gets. This is why many hardcore gamers and armatures need help acing these levels. You can teach people how to pass a specific mission or pathway in a game.

All you have to do is record your gameplay and upload your videos to YouTube, and you may also become a popular YouTuber.

You can also go a different route with game reviews. Share your opinions and feedback about different games, such as Grand Theft Auto V, you've played and tell your audience why they should also try it.

#3 Gadget Reviews and Testing

In our digital world, many gadgets, such as smartphones and cameras, pop up in the market regularly. So, if you can get your hands on some of these gadgets, such as the latest iPhone, start posting their reviews.

In the future, some brands may contact you themselves in order to review their products. You can also test new products. It can be appliances, mobile phones, and any other tech equipment, such as treadmills, which people use on a daily basis. You can make a video explaining how the product works and let your users know how to operate it optimally.

#4 Makeup Channels

YouTube revealed that there are over 45,000 YouTube channels that specialize in makeup, beauty, and fashion. Moreover, you will be happy to know that the top makeup and beauty channels have millions of subscribers.

Beauty channels are quite popular on YouTube. They often share YouTube video ideas, such as makeup, beauty products, skincare, cosmetics, and much more. You can create makeup tutorials, share unique beauty tips, and review beauty products, such as eyeliners and mascara.

People want to look confident and beautiful. Show your taste and expertise, give valuable advice, and connect with your audience, and your makeup channel will skyrocket.

It is worth noting that the most subscribed beauty and makeup YouTuber is James Charles, with over 25 million subscribers.

#5 Animation Channels

You may know that animation YouTube creators and producers post self-made digital images as well as dialogue videos. You can become a faceless YouTuber if you have animation skills. For example, you can make 3D, 2D, or stop-motion videos without even appearing on-screen.

For instance, look at this video from popular 3D artist Jake Fellman. He usually uses trending topics in fashion and pop culture to make animated videos. Sometimes these video ideas can also be digital drawings, cartoons, or sketches.

#6 Comedy Channels

Comedy channels are among the most popular and widespread YouTube channels. If you want to create funny and lighthearted YouTube videos, then a comedy channel on YouTube might be your genre. Keep in mind that this video style is diverse and broad and can include everyday people, animals, and skits. You can even compile existing videos from the internet.

Sometimes, creating humorous content is time-consuming and quite challenging. This is because you never know how other people will perceive it. However, once you develop a concept and smart and witty jokes to tell, it will definitely pay off in the long run in the form of more subscribers and views.

Comedy YouTube channels often have a unique video editing style, such as replacing backgrounds, slow mos, jump cuts, or inserting cheeky music or remixes in order to make them stand out on the platform. You can download music clips and songs from a safe and legal platform like AudioGrab.

#7 Business Channels

YouTube is not just for content creators and artists. Businesses can also post videos on YouTube in order to entertain subscribers, teach viewers, and share stories about new products and services. You can also share promotional videos and behind-the-scenes footage. It is worth mentioning that creating a YouTube video channel for your business or company can improve relations with customers and develop trusting relationships with prospects.

#8 Travel

Before splurging on their next big vacation, many people want to research and find out many things, including how much the trip will cost, the best accommodations, and if the experience will be worth the cost.

So if you've the funds to travel, you should consider recording your adventures or trips to destination cityscapes and landscapes. Your YouTube viewers can easily get an inside look at the location. This will help them decide to take a vacation they will never forget or save valuable money on a trip they would regret.

#9 Photography

Photography is an art form available in many shapes and formats. Photographs can capture a beautiful landscape, family portraits, or more creative and unique editorial content. However, note that only a few people can capture moments, such as wildlife and architecture, in the most artistic form.

If you've a business focused on the photography or videography industry, you can use your skills and expertise to create YouTube content.

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Final Thoughts

YouTube is an ideal place to launch a video channel and begin your business. However, you have to leverage its reach properly. Find your unique niche for YouTube channel ideas, and utilize it to establish and grow yourself on this platform firmly.

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